My mission as owlaps ambassador is to ride and film as many trails as I can, from top to bottom. To do so, I need a very reliable POV mtb film kit which has to shoot very good quality videos. But it also has to be durable and reliable enough to come along which me on each ride! The product selection below is what I use at the moment to shot all my owlaps videos. I'll keep it up to date if something changes! Check it out 🙂



This is the GoPro I use for my helmet cam videos. Video quality and video stabilization are just awesome on this action camera!

My headcam

THE best GoPro you can get in term of image quality and video stabilization!


This is the combo I use for stabilized chest cam videos! I've tried several options (with different GoPro Gimbals), and that my favorite so far! The Evo SS Gimbal does an incredible job (and is super reliable). GoPro Hero 4 delivers sufficient video quality and THE BEST audio quality you can get with a GoPro!

My Wearable Gimbal

Value for your money! The most efficient and most reliable Gimbal I have tried so far. Love it.

The GoPro I mount on my Gimbal

It's old but it rocks! This GoPro is the absolute combo paired with a Gimbal. And it has the best audio quality ever when it's out of its case!


Windscreen for GoPro

Must have. This little thing makes a huge difference in terms of audio quality: I couldn't film without it.

GoPro Frame (Hero 5/6) & accessories

Better than the original GoPro case. It gives access to more microphones. I stuck my Windscreen on this case.
it also comes with a cool tool that helps you tighten the GoPro mount.

The perfect chesty

I mount my gimbal on this thing. It's way more stable than the classic GoPro chesty and makes a big difference while riding rough terrains and big jumps!


I never run out of power.

GoPro Batteries

I use original GoPro batteries: no generic batteries. Note that GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero 5 and GoPro 6 batteries are different from the GoPro Hero 4 batteries.

Dual Battery Charger

Must-have: it allows me to power up 2 batteries at the same time, and with batteries out of the GoPro. This way I can continue filming with a third batterie while these 2 are charging!

GoPro wall charger

Way more convenient and quicker than charging from a USB slot on a computer. Adaptative plugs are pretty convenient while travelling!

Portable power bank

Always in my backpack or in my van! This is my source of power when spending days and nights out and there is nowhere to plug my GoPros, phone, GPS watch...


All I need to store my GoPro videos while riding and back home.

Micro SD cards

The best micro SD card for the GoPro Hero 6. I now use it on all my cameras.

Portable external hard drive

I bring it along with me as soon as I go out for more than one day. I put all my GoPro footage on it after each riding day.

Desktop external hard drive

This is my owlaps memory. All my old footage goes here: 8 To of souvenirs 😉


Those little accessories and tools are worth a look! They are cheap but sooo useful for me.

Carrying case

All my film setup fits in there! GoPros, gimbal, extra batteries and SD cards, more windscreen... I have the "L size" case and it fits perfectly into my ION Rampart 8 backpack.

SD + microSD Memory Card Holder

Credit card size. This is a must have to hold my memory cards and be sure to never lose them!

Cleaning lenspen

Especially useful to clean the GoPro Hero 4 lens. But I also use the little brush to remove dust from my GoPro 6.