Lilith bike trail, upper section at Les 2 alpes, France

LILITH – UPPER, Les 2 Alpes, France

Lilith trail is the new “Diable” little sister! Same style, same level, same flow, same fun! Watch Damien and Vincent having fun is the august les 2 alpes dust! As Diable run, this mtb trail can be fun for both advanced and beginner riders ๐Ÿ™‚ […]

Kamasutrail by gopro bike trail at Tignes bike park, France

KAMASUTRAIL (by GoPro), Tignes, France

The best trail at Tignes Bike Park for expert riders! Shaped by the GoPro team, this line is such a beauty, flowing through the incredible Tignes landscapes! Jump on board with Vincent Piccol, following local riders Johan Tessier and Romain Sรฉhier! Braaaaap!! Trail: Kamasutrail (by […]


COUPE DE FRANCE, Les Orres, France

Ex DH French cup run, this trail is still used for some DH races when mixed up with Cool rider trail. First part of this track is super rough, second is more mellow, machine built. Les Orres shapers are working on a new section for […]


COOL RIDER, Les Orres, France

Full run down Cool Rider double black trail at Les Orres, on board with Vincent following Valentin! First section has been totally rebuilt this year: drop to hip to double to step down! Pretty sweet! Trail:ย Cool Rider Difficulty:ย Double Black Diamond Location:ย Les Orres Country:ย France


DIABLE – LOWER, Les 2 alpes, France

The Les 2 Alpes’ classic for both beginners and advanced riders! Diable runs are always fun! Be part of the game getting on board with Vincent trying to follow Damien (Dams) along the lower section of this blue track! You missed the upper part? Click […]