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Mountain biking trails, riding areas and bike parks in Cantal

You wonder where to mountain bike in Cantal? Check out our trail videos to find mountain bike trails that match your level and preferences!

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Riding areas

Bike parks or trail networks gathering multiple trails

trails listed

trails listed

La Familiale

Le Lioran bike park
Even if Alex and Valentin shot on a very dusty day, they liked the way this trail is shaped: good little jumps and corners. La Familiale trail is accessible to...
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Le Remberter

Le Lioran bike park
The second red trail of Le Lioran bike park, it takes a different trail from Les Bruyeres at the top, then goes on the same middle section and finaly ends...
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Les Bruyères

Le Lioran bike park
Les Bruyères trail is one of the two black diamond of this bikepark. At many points, it uses a common trail with La Familliale, the blue track. The variations are...
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