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Alexandre Mosnier

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Cormaranche bike park
Piste sur le bas du bikepark, elle permet de retourner au village et de reprendre la navette. Piste très courte et mais rapide avec de la pente. Il est possible...
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Cormaranche bike park
Piste Verte vraiment top pour les débutants, pas de jumps, des petits virages relevés, la piste est plutôt plate, pas trop de pente. Pendant que nous étions en train de...
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Cormaranche bike park
Piste bleue, rapide sans trop de pente, elle est bien fluide et variée. Vraiment bien pour les débutants ou tout simplement pour s'échauffer ou chiller.
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Cormaranche bike park
La Cormavalanche est connue par sa course régionale, cependant le tracé est modifié pour cette course. Alors voici l'original ! Une piste vraiment fun, où l'on y trouve de tout,...
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Nationality: French

Living in: Clermont-Ferrand

Birthdate: 30/07/1998

Body height: 178 cm

Body weight: 70 kg

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I’m born in Clermont Ferrand, France, literally at the center of France, close to Auvergne’s famous volcanoes! However, I left this spot and I’m currently living in Grenoble, the French Alps capital!

I started XC biking when I was 7. I was training at the SancyVTT club and racing during the weekends. Curiosity quickly led me to trial biking, and downhill, that I practiced until my 14th. Then I changed my priorities and turned full downhill. I also started to ride at the BMX track as a complement, which I think is a perfect training for DH. It helps with fitness and for technical moves! In addition to my mtb passion, I’m also a dedicated fireman.

DH racing is a big part of my mtb life! Last year I ended up 11th of the global scratch ranking of the AURA DH cup (regional cup). Only a few points away from the top 5, due to a crash during the last round… This year I’ll be racing the regional cup, national cup and some rounds of the European cup! European cup will be a good opportunity for me to compete among the best, discover new trails, new spots, new bike parks and counties, but also a great opportunity to make owlaps videos!

Apart from biking, I’ve been studying graphic design for 5 years now; and making videos is a perfect way to align my passion for cycling and my artistic, designer vision. For those reasons, I had to join the owlaps ambassadors crew!