Nationality: French

Living in: Clermont-Ferrand

Birthdate: 30/07/1998

Body height: 178 cm

Body weight: 70 kg

Alexandre Mosnier

I’m born in Clermont Ferrand, France, literally at the center of France, close to Auvergne’s famous volcanoes! However, I left this spot and I’m currently living in Grenoble, the French Alps capital!

I started XC biking when I was 7. I was training at the SancyVTT club and racing during the weekends. Curiosity quickly led me to trial biking, and downhill, that I practiced until my 14th. Then I changed my priorities and turned full downhill. I also started to ride at the BMX track as a complement, which I think is a perfect training for DH. It helps with fitness and for technical moves! In addition to my mtb passion, I’m also a dedicated fireman.

DH racing is a big part of my mtb life! Last year I ended up 11th of the global scratch ranking of the AURA DH cup (regional cup). Only a few points away from the top 5, due to a crash during the last round… This year I’ll be racing the regional cup, national cup and some rounds of the European cup! European cup will be a good opportunity for me to compete among the best, discover new trails, new spots, new bike parks and counties, but also a great opportunity to make owlaps videos!

Apart from biking, I’ve been studying graphic design for 5 years now; and making videos is a perfect way to align my passion for cycling and my artistic, designer vision. For those reasons, I had to join the owlaps ambassadors crew!