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Charles Bousquet

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Nationality: French

Living in: Remiremont

Birthdate: 06/10/1994

Body height: 180 cm

Body weight: 77 kg

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Born in the Vosges and still a resident, I have been cycling for around ten years.

I first played tennis for 10 years, then athletics (especially pole vault), before finally discovering mountain biking with my high school friends. We started by doing a lot more shovel and rake than biking: we dedicate a more important cult for the Coastal Crew and their legendary tracks, than for the other great riders of the moment, and that is why we spent two-thirds of our free time digging rather than riding.

Even today I spend a lot of digging and shaping tracks. It is a great satisfaction to be able to ride or film on a track that you have thought about down to the last detail and on which you have spent a lot of time digging. And it's nice to be able to show it to friends! I think most mountain bikers in France do not have the motivation or the ambition to dig, and I find it a shame since, in my opinion, it is the very essence of our passion (after that is my personal opinion).
Afterward, even if I am not a fan of competitions, I like racing against my friends on cool spots!

Besides this passion for cycling, I do a lot of drawing, painting, and DIY in my garage!

On the job side, I started working in a design office and in quality control, but it didn't really matter to me, so I went to work as a cycle mechanic and did seasonal jobs; I have also worked as a shaper at the EVO Bike-Park. Currently, I work in communication in the automotive field.