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Florian Chapon

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Mont Gibaou
Cette descente est la plus connue du spot, et pour cause, c'est la plus ludique et complète. Elle mélange sauts, marches, technique, relance et trial, de quoi s'amuser en enduro!
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Mont Gibaou
Globalement plus lisse et roulante que la majorité des spéciales, celle-ci contient tout de même des passages bien cassants, et des passages raides. Sa particularité, c'est de finir dans un...
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La Zanz

Mont Gibaou
Une pumptrack pour l'enduro ! Ce trail alterne entre raide et valloné dans la terre !
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Rasta Roquette

This track start with two steep rocky sections, then goes onto steep dirt sections with tight turns, and finally releases into a high speed dirt section.
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Nationality: French

Living in: Aix-en-Provence

Birthdate: 08/05/1998

Body height: 174 cm

Body weight: 70 kg

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I have always lived in the small town of Cassis, by the sea. In my family, cycling is passed on from generation to generation, I have been cycling around my house since I was very young, but I started riding more seriously from the age of 12 when my uncle and father gave me my first real XC bike. Since I was a child I have been trying to film my bike sessions with my friends. My first onboard camera set-up was a DIY to mount my parents' digital camera on the fork of my 20" decathlon bike! Since then I have gradually evolved towards enduro, and more recently slopestyle, to which I dedicate myself fully alongside my engineering studies. I always filmed my progress on my bike with my friends, then I started editing and posting them when I had my first GoPro.

I have always competed, but for fun rather than competition, because I find it the most interesting thing about our sport. Nevertheless, I like to surpass myself, and give myself 100% to beat my time record on my favorite track, or learn new tricks.

My main passion, in addition to cycling and photo/video, is mechanics and DIY, which is why I maintain and repair my bicycles and those of my entourage by myself. I am also always thinking and creating new accessories to mount my gopro everywhere on me or my bike. On the one hand, it allows me to save a lot of money, but also to gain knowledge in mechanics, which helped me a lot for my engineering studies.