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Romain Grenier

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Singletracks bike park
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Singletracks bike park
Fun trail with a few jumps.
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Grave Year Slalom Down

Mont Saint-Cyr
Piste atypique et assez rapide avec un début dans des épingles en gravier. Piste souvent emprunter en montée également.
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La Diabolique

Mont Saint-Cyr
Piste technique très sympa ! Attention aux guidons trop larges !
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Nationality: French

Living in: Cahors

Birthdate: 03/07/1999

Body height: 180 cm

Body weight: 73 kg

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Hi! I'm Romain! I was born in the southwest of France in Toulouse and I grew up in Cahors in the area.

I started mountain biking around my house with my mother and then I joined the Cahors cycling club and it was a snap! I just loved it! At first, I was driving in an XC and when I discovered what enduro was, I immediately switched over! This practice allowed me to discover many places and people including my friends Hugo and Thibaut with whom I ride almost all the time!

I've always watched a lot of bike videos. After hours of watching youtubers like Nate Hills I decided to get into the picture! With my GoPro, my friends and my bike I opened a youtube channel on which I post a lot of footage, whether it's tutoring, races, or just vlogs from our outings. Thanks to this experience I discovered video and editing, a real kiff!

Today I am an ECE prep student and I try to free up as much time as possible to devote myself to my passion and videos. With a little organization, I can do everything and I think it's very important for me to have these different activities. I am a big sports fan (skiing, surfing, mountain biking) and I would love to work in this outdoor sports sector later on!