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Romuald Manach

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Cormaranche bike park
Piste sur le bas du bikepark, elle permet de retourner au village et de reprendre la navette. Piste très courte et mais rapide avec de la pente. Il est possible...
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Cormaranche bike park
Piste Verte vraiment top pour les débutants, pas de jumps, des petits virages relevés, la piste est plutôt plate, pas trop de pente. Pendant que nous étions en train de...
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Cormaranche bike park
Piste bleue, rapide sans trop de pente, elle est bien fluide et variée. Vraiment bien pour les débutants ou tout simplement pour s'échauffer ou chiller.
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Cormaranche bike park
La Cormavalanche est connue par sa course régionale, cependant le tracé est modifié pour cette course. Alors voici l'original ! Une piste vraiment fun, où l'on y trouve de tout,...
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Nationality: French

Living in: Châtel

Birthdate: 12/07/1994

Body height: 175 cm

Body weight: 63 kg

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I was born and I started cycling near Paris. And now I live in Châtel in Haute-Savoie (in the French Alps). I moved to Châtel to be able to do as much mountain biking as I could.

I started freeriding when I was 13 years old with friends from college, I had a Voltage Yz Scott and it was not made for it at all. So after a few years using it I changed to a Scott Voltage Fr 30 from 2010. This allowed me to go on holiday for a week in Châtel with the father of the friends with whom I started cycling, then we returned to Châtel every summer, always a little longer. Until I lived there for my part.

I then had a Gambler 730 from 2013. Living in Haute-Savoie and having a permit allows me to travel as much as I can on spots or other bike parks in France. I would like to discover the Canadian and New Zealand spots later on.

I have never been too competitive, I prefer to take pictures of cycling with my friends. After starting freeriding we had fun making some videos with my father's old camcorder, we had a lot of fun. Now I make videos thanks to the GoPro and photos with photographer friends.

I studied in the Paris region, in business. After obtaining my BTS I moved to Châtel, to work in a sports shop, Mountainbike in summer and Ski/Snowboard in winter.