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Sebastien Corti

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Châtel bike park
Gueps is a black run in the Châtel bike park, located on the lower part of the park. The trail starts with lots of jumps, is not so steep, and...
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Vink Line (upper)

Châtel bike park
Châtel's Vink Line is divided into three parts, one black, one blue, and one green. Here we are talking about the part highest up in the bike park, which is...
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Châtel bike park
Zougouloukata is a short, black run with lots of jumps! There are doubles, two cannon logs, a big river gap and a step up-step down.
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Châtel bike park
Komatrautrail is one of the best known black trails in Châtel. It is not very steep but links several technical sections together, full of roots, rocks and big steps. Towards...
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Nationality: French

Living in: La Chapelle d'Abondance

Birthdate: 22/08/1973

Body height: 1.73 cm

Body weight: 76 kg

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I. Inquiétons ce monde.
II. En tout ceci, cette vieille canaille d'époque poursuit sa manié de nier ce qui est et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas.
III. trouvons l'infini dans nos mains qui se mélangent.
IV. In girum imus noctet et consumimur igni.
V. Live fast. Repentless.