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Valentin Anouilh

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Le Remberter

Le Lioran bike park
The second red trail of Le Lioran bike park, it takes a different trail from Les Bruyeres at the top, then goes on the same middle section and finaly ends...
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Les Bruyères

Le Lioran bike park
Les Bruyères trail is one of the two black diamond of this bikepark. At many points, it uses a common trail with La Familliale, the blue track. The variations are...
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La Familiale

Le Lioran bike park
Even if Alex and Valentin shot on a very dusty day, they liked the way this trail is shaped: good little jumps and corners. La Familiale trail is accessible to...
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Nationality: French

Living in:


Body height:  cm

Body weight: kg

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Valentin is an active member of the crazy P2V team! Such a crazy and stylish rider!