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A-line video shot in July 2019 | © Copyright OWLAPS



Fun trail with a few jumps.


There is no details available on how to access A-line.

This trail is part of Singletracks bike park; you might find more info about how to access to A-line on the riding area page.

Difficulty: Difficult / Black Diamond

Bike Type: Downhill / Freeride, Enduro / All-mountain

Direction: Downhill only

Trail usage: Biking only

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Singletracks bike park
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Mont Chéry

Singletracks bike park
Comme la plupart des pistes rouges du singletracks bikepark elle permet de progresser sur des portions techniques très sympa !
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Le Trou Normand

Singletracks bike park
Belle piste facile et très sympa à rouler, idéal pour progresser.
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