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Bollywood video shot in July 2018 | © Copyright OWLAPS


Bollywood trail is one of the first MTB trails that has been officialized on this spot, also with Gambas trail. Bollywood is more enduro oriented, more natural.


As Gambas trail, Bollywood starts at the top of the Salbert Mountain. Go up there and you should easily find it! The trail entrance is next to the Fort du Salbert.

This trail is part of Salbert; you might find more info about how to access to Bollywood on the riding area page.

Difficulty: Difficult / Black Diamond

Bike Type: Enduro / All-mountain

Direction: Downhill only

Climb difficulty:

Trail usage: Biking only

Nearby trails


The Gambas line has been the first mtb trail officialized by the enduro club (ACTB). It's a very progressive trail opens to almost all levels. It features cool berms, small table jumps and whoops from the to of the Salbert Mountain, to the very bottom: you end up at the Cravanche city. This track is also well known due to the Enduro du Lion race which uses it as one of their enduro stages.
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Trou Normand

The Trou Normand trail is an amazing jump line that features huge and technical jumps: the track is awesome once you learned how to clean them all! The track is kinda fast. It's been built without any machine, only human skills, a lot of time and passion from the Salbert Mountain Bike Association.
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Gourmandise trail is the newest mountain biking trail built by the Belfort enduro club (ACTB). This trail is super cool: it features technical sections, switchbacks and more! This trail might be part of the famous Enduro du Lion race.
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