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[⛔️ 2022] Highway 2 Heaven bike trail

[⛔️ 2022] Highway 2 Heaven video shot in June 2021 | © Copyright OWLAPS




[Closed for 2022] Highway 2 Heaven is a pretty unique MTB trail, in that it's all on snow! The 2 Alpes Bike Park™ prepared this trail to let riders test their skills and discover a new riding sensation! As you can imagine, riding on snow is quite different from classic terrain! Highway 2 Heaven really is a new playground, and the perfect location to race your buddies "Mountain of Hell" style. Or just take in the scenery and discover the art of riding on snow.

"A video is worth 1.8 million words", so watch our trail video!


To reach the start of Highway 2 Heaven, take the Jandry cable car to the 2nd station, located at the foot of the glacier at 3200m. There you will see the entrance signs. Once you have finished the trail you have the choice to continue your descent down the bike park trails. Or to take the Jandry back up and do it all again! The trail is marked between Jandry 2600 -> 3200m.

There is no details available on how to access [⛔️ 2022] Highway 2 Heaven.

This trail is part of 2 Alpes Bike Park™; you might find more info about how to access to [⛔️ 2022] Highway 2 Heaven on the riding area page.


Bike Type: Downhill / Freeride, Enduro / All-mountain

Direction: Downhill only
Usage: Biking only

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