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Les Oullières video shot in November 2019 | © Copyright OWLAPS


Perfect for an after-work or lunch ride.


The trail starts at the Mont-Saint-Martin village. From the main parking lot, along the rock wall. To access the les Oullières trailhead you can either pedal up the main road from Fontanil-Cornillon or drive up the same road.

If you want to pedal up the Mont-Saint-Martin road, park where we located the point on the map. The uphill by bike is around 30 minutes to 1h10 according to your fitness. Let's say 50 minutes as a average :)

There is no details available on how to access Les Oullières.

Difficulty: Intermediate / Blue Square

Bike Type: Enduro / All-mountain

Direction: Downhill primary

Climb difficulty: Easy / Green Circle

Trail usage: Multi-use

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