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Ric et Rac video shot in July 2020 | © Copyright OWLAPS



Ric et Rac is a red trail in the bottom section of the Châtel bike park. The trail cuts right across the bike park, making it a transition trail which many other trails can be accessed from or completed on. The start of the Ric et Rac is flat, with a short pedal, then the interesting stuff arrives, tables, doubles and hips that are guaranteed to put a grin on your face!

At the end you Serpertine, a blue trail that will take you back to the chairlift.


The start of the Ric and Rac starts next to Fluid. You can access it from the top of the Pierre Longue chairlift, by taking "La People" or the blue Vink Line.

There is no details available on how to access Ric et Rac.

This trail is part of Châtel bike park; you might find more info about how to access to Ric et Rac on the riding area page.

Difficulty: Difficult / Black Diamond

Bike Type: Downhill / Freeride

Direction: Downhill only

Trail usage: Biking only

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