the best lines, from top to bottom!

Preview any bike trails with high-quality POV videos!

What is owlaps?

Owlaps! The best lines, from top to bottom! Teaser cover

Owlaps is the next generation of mountain biking trail map and guide.

Compared to what we normally see, owlaps is based on high quality « top to bottom » videos shot with action cameras. Thanks to these videos and other selected and useful information, you will be able to really appreciate and discover trails, MTB spots and bike parks!

Owlaps videos would help you prepare your next ride, your next bike trip or next race!

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POV trail preview

Total trail immersion with POV videos.

High quality videos

From 1080p to 4K, all our trail videos are in HD.

One trail = One video

Quick and easy.

Mountain biking trail map

All MTB trails and spots that feature on our trail map has good quality track preview videos!