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Race run videos: MaxiAvalanche Cervinia 2019 (Round #2) Europe Cup

Let the show begin! MaxiAvalanche Cervinia 2019 is ON! We hope you liked the two sunny course preview videos we have published earlier. Now it’s time to race under the cold and rain!

Jump on board with our rider Damien Desbrosses to relive the 3 races: seeding run, and the two race runs!

Thanks again to Siroko who sponsored these videos. Have a look at their latest deals via this link.


Seeding run video :

Video © Copyright 2019-2019 owlaps // Shot with :


Final run video :

Due to the rough weather conditions, there was only one final run out of two.

Damien had a pretty hard race run with a crash, mechanical problem and a front nearly flat tire! He managed to finish the race anyway and took the 56th position.

Video © Copyright 2019-2019 owlaps // Shot with :


See you at the Maxiavalanche Meribel!

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