Our favorite trails at Col de l'Arzelier / by difficulty

Before going more in-depth, you should maybe consider taking a look at our favorite lines at Col de l'Arzelier bike park! Videos speak louder than words 🙂


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Fun trail trail

Pure flow all the way down! Cool for both improvers and expert riders


MIB trail

Our favorite track here. And it's even better when mixed with Bucheron bottom section!


Bucheron trail

It features some big wooden lips! The lower part is our fav' section!

Col de l'Arzelier bike park trail map

Use the following map to browse Col de l'Arzelier trails and preview them with high-quality POV videos: 1 trail = 1 top to bottom video

Pro tips: go full screen for easier navigation

Learn more about Col de l'Arzelier bike park

Bike park Col de l'Arzelier is a small bike park located in the Vercors Massif, right below the "Les Deux Soeurs" mountains (meaning "The two sisters"), called Agathe (2194 m) and Sophie (2 162 m).

From the top of the tiny 2 people lift chair, you can enjoy a nice view of the Vercors range, and then start to ride down bike trails!

Check out all our trail videos to discover and explore the Col de l'Arzelier bike park!


Col de l'Arzelier bike park