Our favorite trails at Les 2 Alpes / by difficulty

Before going more in-depth, you should many consider taking a look at our favorite lines at Les 2 Alpes bike park! Video speak louder than words 🙂


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Diable trail

The iconic blue trail of Les 2 Alpes bike park! Sooo cool! We do prefer the lower section tho. But check out the upper section here.


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Les 2 Alpes bike park trail map

Use the following map to browse Les 2 Alpes trails and preview them with high-quality POV videos: 1 trail = 1 top to bottom video

Pro tips: go full screen for easier navigation

Learn more about Les 2 Alpes bike park

Les 2 Alpes bike park is one of the most famous bike park in France we would say! with Les Portes du Soleil bike parks like Morzine, Chatel, Les Gets, etc... This worldwide notoriety is probably due to the Crankworx event' that used to happen there! But also because of the Mountain Of Hell race, world-famous enduro mass start that stands there each year pushing riders to their limits form the top of Les 2 Alpes glacier to the very bottom of the Les 2 Alpes Village (Mont de Lans actually).

Anyway, this bike park is mostly about machine berms and table jumps: "highway style". Most of the trails are intermediate lines and advanced lines. Another particularity of this bikepark is that all trails are "open face" trails! Prepare the sunscreen for your neck, there is no tree!



Les 2 Alpes bike park