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Our favorite trails at Les Orres bike park / by difficulty

Before going more in-depth, you should many consider taking a look at our favorite lines at Les Orres bike park! Video speak louder than words 🙂


Coming soon!!


Ride N' Red trail

Both upper and lower section are cooool! Jump line!


Cool Rider trail

Perfect mix of gnarly DH track (roots, off cambers, steep drops) and jumps!

Les Orres bike park trail map

Use the following map to browse Les Orres trails and preview them with high-quality POV videos: 1 trail = 1 top to bottom video

Pro tips: go full screen for easier navigation

Learn more about Les Orres bike park

Les Orres bike park is a located in Southern French Alps and the weather is often good!! It's important to say that because it's the way we first discover this spot: because the weather was so bad in French Northen Alps (where all the most well-known bike parks are), we decided to hit the road down the south to find warm, dry and sunny weather!!

Les Orres resort is moving forward with his summer activity and especially with mountain biking: that's good initiative! 🙂

We'll let you watch the trail previews to find out more!


Les Orres bike park