Our favorite trails at Meyrieu Trail / by difficulty

Before going more in-depth, you should maybe consider taking a look at our favorite lines at Meyrieu Trail spot! Videos speak louder than words 🙂


There is no beginner trail in this area yet


La Meyrik trail

One of the flowiest trail we've ridden so far! Short but perfectly shaped


There is no advanced trail in this area yet


La Double Poney trail

Air time and good flow!

Meyrieu trail map

Use the following map to browse Meyrieu trails and preview them with high-quality POV videos: 1 trail = 1 top to bottom video

Pro tips: go full screen for easier navigation

Learn more about the Meyrieu Trail spot

Meyrieu Trail is a local spot shaped and maintained by a group of passionate riders and friends. Trails are super shorts and there is no lift chair, but this spot is a pure flow area! It has only two trails: 1 intermediate line and one expert lines, and both have a crazy flow!

The spot has been officialized in 2017 by the administration of La Biolle and by the National Forestry Office of France.

To ride on this spot, you simply need to visit the Meyrieu Trail association website and get a 1-year subscription (around 20€/ year). Get it here

It's near Aix-Les-Bains, Chambéry, and Annecy


Meyrieu trail