Our favorite trails at Serlin Trail / by difficulty

Before going more in-depth, you should maybe consider taking a look at our favorite lines at Serlin Trail mtb spot! Videos speak louder than words 🙂


There is no Beginner trail at Serlin Trail yet


Trail video coming soon!

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Full Serlin trail

Flow. Jumps. Berms.
We love it!


Godzilla trail

The iconic line of this spot. And also the biggest...

Serlin Trail map

Use the following map to browse Serlin trails and preview them with high-quality POV videos: 1 trail = 1 top to bottom video

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Learn more about the serlin trail

Created in 2006, the Serlin Trail is an MTB spot located near Grenoble, in Saint Martin le Vinoux. This local spot is managed by a bike association and is totally legal (official).
The Serlin trail has been created by a group of around 10 friends all passionate about mountain biking, who wanted to create their own bike park and do something good for the mtb community.
Every rider is welcome on the spot: this only thing you need is to join the association!

Serlin trail