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Crosets bike trail, Champéry bike park, Switzerland


Switzerland / Valais / Champéry bike park / Crosets Bike Trail Crosets Bike Trail Trail info Crosets bike trail is a black diamond DH track (for advanced riders) located nearby the lift called Crosets… Easy! Crosets is the most “bikepark style” track at Champéry. It has an incredible flow thanks to the shaping crew! Bike park: Champéry bike…

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Sundance bike trail, Champéry bike park, Switzerland


Switzerland / Valais / Champéry bike park / Sundance Bike Trail Sundance Bike Trail Trail info Sundance! This is supposed to be the “easy” way to go down from Les Crozets to the Champéry gondola. The first section has a good rhythm with jumps and berms, then the second section is quite straight, full speed, with big…

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MIB bike trail, Col de l’Arzelier bike park, France


France / Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes/ Col de l’Arzelier bike park / MIB Bike Trail MIB Bike Trail Trail info For riders who can ride every trail, MIB DH track is probably the best track of the Col de l’Arzelier. And this track is even better when you mix it with the double black trail called Bucheron at the…

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Lys Martagon bike trail, Super Besse bike park, France


France / Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes/ Super Besse bike park / Lys Martagon Bike Trail Lys Martagon Bike Trail Trail info This is another advanced DH track of Super Besse bike park. It’s new from 2018 and it looks like La Mado trail, from the same bikepark. It features some very cool table jumps to send it! We’d…

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Full Serlin bike trail, Serlin Trail, France


France / Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes/ Serlin Trail / Full Serlin Bike Trail Full Serlin Bike Trail Full Serlin Trail info The Full Serlin trail is probably the most emblematic trail of this spot, and also the line that helped the spot to be known all around France. Why? because this track is so sick! Jumps and an…

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