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Course Preview video: Brassac DH French cup 2019 (round #1)


Course preview video on the Brassac DH track, for the first round of the Downhill French Cup 2019. Jump on board with our owlaps ambassador Alex Mosnier, following Maxime Ciriego. Despite the fact that the track is quite short (between 2:05 and 2:15 minutes for the fastest timed training), it remains very demanding for the…

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Les Ménuires DH Course preview, 2018 French Cup (#3 Stop)


France / 2018 DH French Cup / Les Ménuires DH Track preview Les Ménuires DH Course preview Super fast track! It’s a mix of fast wide open grass sections and super technical rocky parts! Better have big b….!! WATCH THE TRACK PREVIEW Shot with GoPro Hero 6 Black CHECK IT OUT GoPro Frame LARRITS CHECK IT…

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Pra Loup DH Course preview, 2018 French Cup (#2 Stop)


France / 2018 DH French Cup / Pra Loup DH Track preview Pra Loup DH Course preview This is round n°2 of the DH French cup: Pra Loup DH course is a super short and fast track! The first section has a good flow with big berms (please note M.r Larbeyou style #mxstyle) ! The second…

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Brassac DH Track preview, 2018 French Cup (#1 Stop)


France / 2018 DH French Cup / Brassac DH Track preview Brassac DH Track preview Short and fast track mixing flowy sections, jumps and rough rock gardens. Trail conditions are pretty muddy and slippery (Alex approved…)! And the 300-400 savage pilots riding the course all day long don’t help… Lines are constantly changing! Anyway, the mix between…

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