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La Nuts bike trail, Lac Blanc bike park, France


France / Grand Est / Lac Blanc bike park / La Nuts Bike Trail La Nuts Bike Trail Trail info You better be a good rider to go down this trail! It’s a proper DH track featuring the biggest road gap at Lac Blanc bike park! Bike park: Lac Blanc bike park Region: Grand Est…

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Trail connector, Lac Blanc bike park, France


France / Grand Est / Lac Blanc bike park / Trail Connector Trail Connector Trail info Every trails at Lac Blanc bikpark start with this line. Bike park: Lac Blanc bike park Region: Grand Est Country: France Trail Type: DH/Freeride Difficulty: Beginner Shot with GoPro Hero 6 Black CHECK IT OUT GoPro Frame LARRITS CHECK IT…

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Gourmandise bike trail, Salbert, France


France / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté / Salbert / Gourmandise Bike Trail Gourmandise Bike Trail Gourmandise Trail info Gourmandise trail is the newest mountain biking trail built by the Belfort enduro club (ACTB). This trail is super cool: it features technical sections, switchbacks and more! This trail might be part of the famous Enduro du Lion race. Spot:…

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Boolywood bike trail, Salbert, France


France / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté / Salbert / Bollywood Bike Trail Bollywood Bike Trail Bollywood Trail info Bollywood trail is one of the first MTB trail that has been officialized on this spot, also with Gambas trail. Bollywood is more enduro oriented, more natural. Spot: Salbert Region: Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Country: France Trail Type: Enduro Difficulty: Advanced Shot with…

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Gambas bike trail, Salbert, France


France / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté / Salbert / Gambas Bike Trail Gambas Bike Trail Gambas Trail info The Gambas line has been the first mtb trail officialized by the enduro club (ACTB). It’s a very progressive trail opens to almost all levels. It features cool berms, small table jumps and woops from the to of the Salbert…

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Barrage bike trail, La Bresse bike park, France


France / Grand Est / La Bresse Bike Park / Barrage Bike Trail Barrage Bike Trail Trail info Bike park: La Bresse Bike Park Region: Grand Est Country: France Trail Type: DH/Freeride Difficulty: Intermediate WATCH THE TRAIL PREVIEW Trail map Barrage Trail description Blue line of the La Bresse bike park. Ideal for improvers who…

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