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Le Lioran DH Track preview, 2018 AURA DH Cup (#2 Stop)


France / 2018 AURA DH Cup / Le Lioran DH Track preview Le Lioran DH Track preview One of the best track of the AURA DH cup series! Fast and technical: with some gnarly tech section in the beautiful Catal landscape. The track is « easy to ride » at the beginning but gets harder in the woods.…

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Brassac DH Track preview, 2018 French Cup (#1 Stop)


France / 2018 DH French Cup / Brassac DH Track preview Brassac DH Track preview Short and fast track mixing flowy sections, jumps and rough rock gardens. Trail conditions are pretty muddy and slippery (Alex approved…)! And the 300-400 savage pilots riding the course all day long don’t help… Lines are constantly changing! Anyway, the mix between…

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MEGAVALANCHE QUALIFIER 2017, Alpe d’Huez, France


Watch Damien Desbrosses’s GoPro view as he passes 118 riders during Mega Alpe d’Huez qualifier! A strong run from the last line to the 9th spot! This run gave him the right to race the Megavalanche Pro Finale! Good opportunity to learn some line for the 2018 edition 😉 Race: Megavalanche 2017 – Qualification run Location: Alpe…

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Mountain Of Hell 2017, Qualification run, Les 2 alpes, France

Mountain Of hell Les 2 alpes

Take a lap with Vincent Piccolomo and his friends down the qualification run of the 2017 Mountain Of Hell! 10th time of the 400-500 heat ! 60 overall (out of 700), he qualified 5th line (out of 28) for the final run. Check out his sketchy final run here : MOH 2017 – Final run…

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Mountain Of Hell 2017, Final run, Les 2 alpes, France


2018 Mountain of hell registration just opened!! Be sure to watch this video before you register! This Kilian Bron run during MOH 2017 might help you understand what to expect for the 2018 edition! Check out the qualifier run: MOH 2017 – Qualification run Trail: Mountain of Hell, also called MOH Location: Les 2 Alpes Country: France You…

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