Moustache bike trail at Tignes bike park, France

MOUSTACHE, Tignes, France

Moustache bike trail is the most exposed line at Tignes Bike Park! Trail: Moustache Difficulty: Double Black Diamond Location: Tignes Country: France MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS BIKE TRAIL

Kamasutrail by gopro bike trail at Tignes bike park, France

KAMASUTRAIL (by GoPro), Tignes, France

The best trail at Tignes Bike Park for expert riders! Shaped by the GoPro team, this line is such a beauty, flowing through the incredible Tignes landscapes! Jump on board with Vincent Piccol, following local riders Johan Tessier and Romain Séhier! Braaaaap!! Trail: Kamasutrail (by […]

Smoothie tignes bike park france

SMOOTHIE, Tignes, France

This mountain biking trail is probably the smoothest and easiest trail at Tignes Bike Park! Ideal for youth, beginners, families and girlfriends (joke)! You liked it? Share it with a friend or family member you want to ride it with! Trail: Smoothie Difficulty: Green Location: Tignes Country: France