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Chèvre Shore Bike Trail

Trail info

This is Vincent's favorite expert run at Les 7 Laux bike park. The track is super short, but wooow! So cool! So intense! Chèvre Shore track is all about roots, and flow! Most of the time the trail is large enough to have several line choice: it's a proper DH track!

Bike park: Les 7 Laux bike park

Region: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Country: France

Trail Type: DH/Freeride

Difficulty: Expert

Riders in this track preview


Vincent Piccolomo

owlaps ambassador


Maxime Ciriego

DH World Cup racer from the Dorval AM team! Maxime is from Revel nearby Grenoble.


Chèvre Shore photos

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Trail access

This trail is part of the Les 7 Laux Bike Park. Simply get to this spot, and you'll easily find this trail.