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Eboulis! The most famous mtb trail at Super Besse bike park, center of France. This is an intermediate trail (blue track): the track is quite simple but fun enough!! It features cool berms, technical parts, and fast sections. Ideal to improve your downhill skills!

Bike park: Super Besse bike park

Region: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Country: France

Trail Type: DH/Freeride

Difficulty: Intermediate

Eboulis Trail map

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Alexandre Mosnier

owlaps ambassador


Clement Charles

From the Superbesse DH club, Clément has been riding DH track for 10 years! Passionate about biking, he pretty much tried everything (BMX, XC...) before ending up riding downhill bikes. Watch him ride fast, with a freerider touch of style 😎


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This trail is part of Super Besse Bike Park. Get there and you'll easily find this track!

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