Les Bruyères Bike Trail

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Les Bruyères trail is one of the two black diamond of this bikepark. At many points, it uses a common trail with La Familliale, the blue track. The variations are mainly at the top and the bottom sections. This trail is also the one with the nicest and biggest machine berms!

Bike park: Le Lioran (Plomb du Cantal) bike park

Region: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Country: France

Trail Type: DH/Freeride

Difficulty: Advanced

Les Bruyères Trail map

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Alexandre Mosnier

owlaps ambassador


Valentin Anouilh

Valentin is an active member of the crazy P2V team! Such a crazy and stylish rider!


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Trail access

This trail is part of the Le Lioran bike park, on the Plomb du Cantal gondola "Téléphérique du Plomb du Cantal" side: Get there and you'll easily find it 😉

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