Monkey Hands Bike Trail

Trail info

Bike park: Whistler Bike Park

Region: British Columbia

Country: Canada

Trail Type: DH/Freeride

Difficulty: Advanced

Trail map

Monkey Hands Trail description

Monkey Hands is a short tech trail that you can take to skip the last part of A-Line (lower). To be honest, that's not the best trail at Whistler bike park...



Vincent Piccolomo

owlaps ambassador


Filip Starcevic

Local Canadian rider. Vincent Piccol' friend!


Trail access

This trail is part of the Whistler Bike Park, which is a bike park. Simply get to this spot, and you'll easely find this trail.

Viewer's comments

"owlaps, Whistler looks like such a sick park...making plans to visit this year, thanks for sharing man sick riding =)" 

"I wish it was a little bit longer :)."