OWLAPS is a tool that helps mountain bikers find trails suited to their style of riding!

Created in 2017, OWLAPS is an online platform designed to help riders discover new MTB trails. By giving them a real understanding of each trail through first-person videos.

The platform is accessible on all mobile devices, phones, tablets and computers - just go to www.owlaps.com, no downloads required. And to date, more than 694 videos have been uploaded. Mostly oriented around enduro and downhill, and covering many bike parks.

Each video hosted on OWLAPS shows the trail in its entirety; so that users can see in advance what lies behind each GPS route and can make up their mind whether or not the trail is right for them. Meaning no more unpleasant surprises after 2 hours of driving or pedaling!

Developed for riders of all levels, OWLAPS is the next-generation mountain bike guidebook. The platform allows users to move virtually along each trail, making it the Google Street View of mountain bike routes.

Gone are the days of guessing your way down a trail or following a GPS route blindly, only to end up on a trail you didn't like or that didn't suit your level. OWLAPS takes away the uncertainty and gives you the possibility to discover new riding spots, choose the best places to ride and those that match your terrain preferences! Optimize your riding time on the trails that make you buzz.