Owlaps! The best lines, from top to bottom! Teaser cover

owlaps is a new way to discover biking trails

owlaps is the next generation of mountain biking trail map and guide.

Compared to what we usually see, owlaps is based on high quality « top to bottom » videos shot with the latest high definition action cameras. Thanks to these videos and other selected and useful information, you will be able to really appreciate and discover trails, MTB spots and bike parks all over the world!

owlaps videos would help you plan your next ride, your next bike trip or next race!

"owlaps is a cool and immersive way to discover biking trails over the world and choose your next ride destination"

Vincent, Founder

Why we created owlaps?

We wanted to create something useful for every riders, from the beginner riders to the experts. Many good websites exist when it comes to mountain biking trail map and trail inventory. Those websites are great. They allow you to get basic MTB trail info, to download GPX files and they sometimes feature user generated photos and videos.

However, we wanted to create something more immersive, funnier, more visual. And that's why we created owlaps: to deliver good quality POV videos that allow riders to best appreciate, anticipate, and in a way "pre-ride" a trail.

What's better than trail videos for advanced riders who want to preview a race course, for buddies planning their next week-end rides and for a family looking for their next summer bike adventures!


You're asking question?

Is the spot/ bike park/ trail worth the drive? How trails are abroad? Is this trail or spot adapted to your riding skills?

Our videos will answer!

Just watch our trail videos. They will tell you!