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The best solution to find the mountain biking trails that suit you!

The best solution to find the mountain biking trails that suit you!

About owlaps

Created for riders of all levels, owlaps offers a visual and efficient solution to discover new places to ride enduro and downhill mountain bikes.

owlaps lists hundreds of MTB trails, all following this simple principle: one trail, one video. Each trail is filmed non-stop, from top to bottom, using action cameras.

Unlike simple GPS tracks, POV videos allow you to "virtually ride" down the trails and get a better idea of what each route really corresponds to.

As a result, OWLAPS videos allow riders to make the most of their riding time. Knowing exactly what to expect on the trails and in the bike parks, so they can choose areas that suit them best.

Trail videos


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One trail = one video

Simple and efficient

Our guarantee, each trail listed on owlaps has its own video. This is the very essence of the owlaps project: to allow riders to visualized each trail thanks to the use of an action camera. And just like Google Street View, owlaps allows you to move virtually from track to track!

Videos in 4K!

Only the best quality

All owlaps videos are filmed using the best video equipment and benefit from all our experience in onboard shooting. We respect strict specifications that allow us to obtain professional-quality videos, incomparable with classic GoPro videos.

Full runs

No highlight reels

No more highlight videos only showing the best parts of the trail. owlaps videos take you from the top to the bottom of every trail. This makes them the best way to find out if a trail or a bike park is really worth visiting and full of trails that might suit you.

Beginner to pro

Usefull for all levels

From green trails for beginners to trails for elite riders, owlaps lists MTB trails for all levels of riders. Whether it's to reassure yourself before hitting a new trail, or to find a bike park line with huge jumps, the owlaps videos are there to help!


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Interactive trail map
Basic information about trails
On board trail videos [on every trail]
GPS downloads
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All our videos are available on an interactive map

What people have to say about owlaps:

"Thanks for the videos! It helped me a lot when I was planning my last trip :) I had never heard about Serre Chevalier or Les 7 Laux before, and in the end they were the best days of the whole trip!"

"I ride a lot and am often looking for new trails. Thanks to owlaps I can watch videos and find cool new spots to ride. Plus I like the concept and the mentality of the riders"


Clément Magnea

"Thank you owlaps! I love watching your videos, they are perfect to help me choose my next summer resort."


Bart Amort

"I love what you do! It's cool to get a glimpse of the trails and an idea of the good lines to hit. Also, the fact that you use local riders really helps me understand the trails better too."


Thomas Robert