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Black Shore video shot in July 2020 | © Copyright OWLAPS




Black Shore is a typical freeride track with plenty of jumps that you need to make the landings on. The track includes several wooden features; there are drops, step-ups, step-downs, bridges, and a whole lot more! You'll probably recognise one of these wooden features already, from a viral video of some Argentinean riders who clearly weren't familiar with the trail. To avoid the same thing happening, make sure you watch the full preview and also check each of the features before you hit them the first time. Then go back up and hit the full trail with speed! ;)

"A video is worth 1.8 million words", so watch our trail video!


Black Shore is in the lower part of the Châtel bike park. You access the trail from the Pierre-Longue chairlift, then by taking the Fluid trail. After cruising down Fluid for a little while the track turns right, at this point fork off left to Black Shore.

There is no details available on how to access Black Shore.

This trail is part of Châtel bike park; you might find more info about how to access to Black Shore on the riding area page.

Very difficult

Bike Type: Downhill / Freeride

Direction: Downhill only
Usage: Biking only

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Access road
Very difficult
Extremely difficult
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