4 new content creators join the owlaps team

Four new riders join the owlaps team for this 2020 season! Maybe you will recognize some of them…


The biking season has finally started in France, and we welcome four new riders. They join the team already in place and confirm our desire to develop owlaps on the enduro trails. Indeed, out of the four, two of them are pure enduro riders, and the other two wear two hats: enduro-downhill. With the videos of our two enduro riders already in place since last year Florian and Romain, and these four new pilots, we will be able to bring you a lot more videos outside from bikeparks, on enduro-type on tracks accessible only by pedaling.

Trail video shot by Florian/owlaps near Martigues, in the Bouche-du-Rhône depatment, France.

Trail video shot by Romain/owlaps on the Douelle spot, in the Lot depatment, France.


Our new riders come from eastern France, from the creeks of Marseille to the fresh moss from the Vosges forests. Enough to offer you new videos on riding areas outside from the Northern Alps, where most of our tracks have so far been concentrated.

And to continue in diversity, we are pleased to announce that one of these new riders is a girl! It’s been a long time since we thought about it: we had already filmed several tracks following girls, like on the Les 7 Laux bikepark and Col de l’Arzelier trails. More and more women are riding and we were well aware that our 100% male videos were not so representative! So this year, you will jump on board with a female rider on some track previews!

owlaps video with Laurine at Les 7 Laux
Screenshot from one of the videos we shot with Laurine Petratto at the Les 7 Laux bike park.


We now have eight content creators active in France. The initial plan was to increase to twelve this year, but the situation with covid-19 got the better of us and we had to revise our plans downwards. By the way, speaking of coronavirus, it would seem that our four new riders respect the preventive measures pretty well!

Maybe you will recognize some of them even behind their masks?

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