From 1000th to 1st on the biggest MTB mass start race. Can he make it through?

Start 1000th to finish 1st. This is the almost impossible mission that Damien Desbrosses took* during the Mountain of Hell finals.

To relive its race, we let you watch its full run:


Everything happened in 2019, during the 20th edition of the Mountain of Hell race which takes place every year in the resort of Les 2 Alpes in France. This epic race with its extraordinary format brings together each year between 700 and 1000 riders over several days:

  • from Thursday to Friday, all the riders recognize the tracks.
  • on Saturday, riders race qualifying races which define the starting positions on the final grid.
  • on Sunday morning, the final is launched from the summit of the 2 Alpes glacier at an altitude of 3600m, where 1000 riders start at the same time on the snow, to try to cross first (/ alive) the finish line, after 25km and 2500m elevation loss.

* Damien did not deliberately place last on the starting grid. He ended up there because of a broken wheel during his qualifying run, which forced him to give up and therefore start last on the day of the final.

/! \ Spoiler Alert – Don’t read more until you see the video /!\

A bit of blah blah anything to prevent your eyes from reading Damien’s final result too easily. Watch out, it’s coming. If you have not yet watched the video, stop reading right now, it is now that we give you the final result of Damien during this MOH. He finished seventy-second despite his puncture which happened at the two-thirds of the race. A result that makes us wonder what place it could have made without this mechanical problem ?!

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