New content creator: Damien Desbrosses

A super versatile rider with good riding advice!


Well, we’re not going to trick you, it’s been a while since Damien is around with owlaps! Close to Vincent, Damien has participated in the development of the project since the launch in 2017! We find him among the first owlaps videos shot in the 2 Alpes bike park, where he had been a guide for Vincent. Then on a much more regular basis since last year, especially with all the videos made on the full Maxiavalanche circuit.

Damien Desbrosses and Maxime Ciriego filiming the Mountain of Hell course preview for owlaps

This year, Damien continues the adventure and becomes one of our official owlaps riders, always with the same goal, to have fun on his bike! And he intends to include you in his adventures, bringing you along with him on the course preview of some enduro stages and on other tracks outside the tape.

Damien Desbrosses and Tom Cosse filiming the new red line track at Meribel bike park for owlaps

Damien is a true bike addict and a very versatile rider. He practices almost all cycling disciplines: trial, BMX, enduro, downhill, dirt … Although he started cycling late, he quickly reached a top-level, which allows him today to highlight the key points of a track and give good advice in its videos.


Recently, William Klock produced a superb documentary video of 12 min which show Damien’s journey and highlights his vision of the sport. It’s a much watch for the beauty of the edit, and to learn a little bit more about our friend Dams:


To find out more about Damien and see his videos, check out his profile:

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  1. Vincent on 1 June 2020 at 19 h 29 min

    Bienvenue !! Hâte de voir de nouvelles vidéos 🙌🏼

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