Race run video: Finale #1 Maxiavalanche Méribel 2020 with Damien Desbrosses

A look back at Damien Desbrosses’ final #1 at the Méribel Maxiavalanche!

In this video, relive the race of our rider Damien Desbrosses during the first round of the 2020 Maxiavalanche Méribel finals which took place this summer, at the end of August. As a reminder, Maxiavalanche weekends always consist of a qualifying run on Saturday, then two final runs on Sunday. The final ranking is determined according to the points obtained in the two finals.

Following the video of the final run #2 that we had previously published, we promised to post this second run if we exceeded 3000 thumbs up on Youtube. What we’ve done nicely since we reach 6500 thumbs up as we speak! So we’re sorry for the delay, but most of all, we thank you all for your support! We hope you enjoy this video as well! 🔥

To avoid the spoiler and so that you can keep the suspense throughout the video, you will find Damien’s result at the bottom of the page.


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In this final, Damien finished 10th in the Europe Cup wave with a time of 19:52, 58s behind José Borgès, winner of this round, and the weekend. A time that Damien will improve by 45s during the second round of the final, during a magnificent battle for the podium!

Full results, here.

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