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Mountain biking trails, riding areas and bike parks in Puy de Dôme

You wonder where to mountain bike in Puy de Dôme? Check out our trail videos to find mountain bike trails that match your level and preferences!

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Bike parks or trail networks gathering multiple trails

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trails listed


Super Besse bike park
Eboulis! The most famous mtb trail at Super Besse bike park, center of France. This is an intermediate trail (blue track): the track is quite simple but fun enough!! It...
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La Mado

Super Besse bike park
La Mado was the first "advanced" trail of the Super Besse bike park. However, this track gets some work on it quite often and keep improving! This trail is the...
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Lys Martagon

Super Besse bike park
This is another advanced DH track of Super Besse bike park. It's new from 2018 and it looks like La Mado trail, from the same bike park. It features some...
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