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Champéry - Morgins bike park


Red run located on the same side as the World Cup track. The first section is the same, then we continue into the forest for a easier section than the WC track! Less steep, more accessible.
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Coupe Du Monde

Coupe du monde track... understand "Champéry world cup DH track"... It is insane! The track is so dope to ride! However, make sure you have skills to ride it. It is a pro-line trail and it's way steeper than it looks on GoPro! The video Alex shot for owlaps was on his first ride on the world cup track... It wasn't the best idea he had to ride such a trail blind... haha But thanks to our owlaps track preview video, you'll be a little bit more aware of what this DH track is all about!
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Crosets bike trail is a black diamond DH track (for advanced riders) located nearby the lift called Crosets... Easy! Crosets is the most "bikepark style" track at Champéry. It has an incredible flow thanks to the shaping crew!
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This track is evolving as we go down: the first part is tech and rocky, then you start to find some more dirt on the second section, and the end is more like a bike park type of track with machine berms.
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La Çarigole

The fastest and wildest blue trail of Morgins bike park! Speed, jump, roots! It's maybe not the kind of blue trail you wanna ride when you are a "real intermediate rider"... But riders with a bit more skills will love it!
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La Noire

This trail is no joke! And this bike park is a beauty! Among the best bike parks in Europe! Once you ride it, you love it: trails are awesome with and incredible flow and sick sections! La Noire track is very steep!
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Le Loquet

This trail follows the old Champéry 4X track. There is an incredible flow.
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Sundance! This is supposed to be the "easy" way to go down from Les Crozets to the Champéry gondola. The first section has a good rhythm with jumps and berms, then the second section is quite straight, full speed, with big river gaps! Perfect for a nice case... haha
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Shuttleable: Nope

More info at: Champéry - Morgins bike park website


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