Nationality: French

Living in: Montbéliard

Birthdate: 14/08/1990

Body height: 169 cm

Body weight: 60 kg

Johan Chauvez

I’m Johan and I grew up in a little village of Franche Conté, Northeastern France. I’m pretty sure the number of cows exceeds the number of people over there! But I moved and I’m now living in Montbéliard, which is perfectly located near both Swiss and German borders: making it easy to travel!

I started biking super young with my younger brother and a bench of friends. We built and rode our first trails and jumps in the woods. Then my parents offered me my first BMX and it totally reinforced my passion for bikes! At first, I was more focused on dirt jump lines; I loved to ride dirt jump parks. But watching big mountain bike events like the Red Bull Rampage inspired me! One day I tried a friend’s full-suspended bike and f**k… I discovered how crazy it was! I think those bikes give you tone loads of possibilities!

Since we’re kids, my brother and I also make bike videos. We began borrowing our family’s camera to make short edits. Then we leveled up a little bit, filming our bike trips and cool lines on the different spots we visited. And today I continue through owlaps videos!

I’m/was an electrician. But my passion for bikes got the upper hand and I’m now bike mechanic. I’m also super involved to a bike association from my region. We create and maintain sick (and legal) freeride trails around here!

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