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Vincent Piccolomo

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Nationality: French

Living in: Saint Egrève

Birthdate: 12/10/1992

Body height: 174 cm

Body weight: 69 kg

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I'm born and raised near Grenoble, French Alps. Currently living in Saint Egrève, which is still located in the Northern French Alps!

I started mountain biking very young with my dad, then with my friends. I began to ride downhill with an old hardtail bike, that I literally destroyed over the years! I then got my first full suspension mountain bike: a 2007 Commencal Furious, that I bought when I was 16yo with all my savings and the money I earned doing landscaping work during summer holidays. This bike brought me to my first DH races and bike park laps in the French Alps!

I then owned several other mountain bikes: downhill bikes, enduro bikes and dirt jump bikes. I was in a downhill club for 2 years, and then I took the opportunity to ride and discover new spots over in France, Italy and Canada!

I always liked to make videos. In my younger age, I was, let’s say, the filmmaker of the crew… Making short bike edit and ski edit with an old Panasonic “HD” camera. I started to make GoPro videos in 2012 when I first launched a Youtube Channel called "My GoPro" where I used to post ski videos and mtb videos. And some of them had quite a lot of views! More than 250.000 for the most popular I think! Haha. Anyway! I always had that passion for filming, riding and sharing! And today I keep doing it through owlaps videos!

I studied marketing in several business schools across France, Scotland and England, where I specialized myself in digital marketing and social media. I then jumped into work life, working for the Salomon brand in digital marketing and ecommerce. Today, I started my own business, working as a freelancer for several clients.