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Hard'Oisière video shot in July 2018 | © Copyright OWLAPS


Hard’Oisière is used to be a loamy trail! It’s not anymore, but it’s still so cool to ride! This trail has an incredible flow all the way down!


There is no trail access description for this trail.

This trail is part of Les 7 Laux bike park; you might find more info about how to access to Hard'Oisière on the riding area page.

Difficulty: Difficult / Black Diamond

Bike Type: Downhill / Freeride, Enduro / All-mountain

Direction: Downhill only

Climb difficulty:

Trail usage: Biking only

Nearby trails

Psycho Pat

Les 7 Laux bike park

Psycho Pat trail is one of the steepest DH track of Les 7 laux bike park. It used to be a super loamy trail, but now it’s more a hard-packed and gnarly terrain from top to bottom. You better have good brakes to ride this trail! If you like the steep, have a look at Bloody Rock trail which is also in this bike park.

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Les 7 Laux bike park

Beldina is best intermediate trail in this bike park according to our ambassador Vincent who filmed the Les 7 Laux videos. This bike trail is perfect for improvers as well as expert riders that will find good flow throughout the line! Natural trail, shaped by the Les Pieds à Terre Crew! Not machine. The second part of the trail is the best!

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Les 7 Laux bike park

Or’Anjina is a beginner trail of Les 7 Laux bike park. As for every level of difficulty, we can say that there is kinda two type of trails: flowy and techy. This line is more of a technical beginner trail. It’s all natural, so there are plenty of roots on the way but the trail is also kinda flat. This way beginners can improve their technical skills with a total speed control!

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