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Le Remberter bike trail

Le Remberter video shot in August 2018 | © Copyright 2018-2020 owlaps

Bike Type: Downhill / Freeride, Enduro / All-mountain

Difficulty: Difficult / Black Diamond

Direction: Downhill only

Climb difficulty:

Trail usage: Biking only


The second red trail of Le Lioran bike park, it takes a different trail from Les Bruyeres at the top, then goes on the same middle section and finaly ends up on the jump line from the regional DH cup.


Nearby trails

La Familiale

Le Lioran bike park

Even if Alex and Valentin shot on a very dusty day, they liked the way this trail is shaped: good little jumps and corners. La Familiale trail is accessible to almost all level and expert riders would also find their way to send it to the bottom!

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Les Bruyères

Le Lioran bike park

Les Bruyères trail is one of the two black diamond of this bikepark. At many points, it uses a common trail with La Familliale, the blue track. The variations are mainly at the top and the bottom sections. This trail is also the one with the nicest and biggest machine berms!

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